Steamulation - Pro X 3 - Black Matt

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The Steamulation Pro X III has the most cutting-edge purging mechanism available for multi-tube shishas anywhere in the world. Any user is able to effortlessly blow out the bowl thanks to the innovative Steamulation Purge Pro valves, which do not need the user to remove the valve balls. Every one of the four smoke vents has a valve that opens and closes automatically in both directions (smoke & blow out). Even if there is too much pressure in the shisha, the clever system is able to compensate for it and then use the free hose connections to release the pressure if that becomes required. When compared to the previous generation, the system has undergone additional rounds of optimization and improvement.

Introducing the Brand-New Steamulation High-Flow System!

The Steamulation Pro X (Gen.III) has been improved in terms of flow and given bigger flow cross-sections in order to optimize this improvement. When compared to its predecessor, the volume of the flow has been raised by 25%. While this is going on, the range of adjustment for the Steamulation Advanced Airflow Control is also being expanded.

Superior Diffusion Chamber (Brand New!)

The well-known Steamulation Cooling Diffuser served as the model for the creation of the brand-new Advanced Diffuser. The water column in the immersion tube does not rise and oscillate because the diffuser contains a buoyant ball that counteracts buoyancy. On the one hand, this makes it difficult for the hookah to flood, which is a useful feature that supports the overpressure function. On the other hand, the oscillation of the water column is effectively suppressed, which has the consequence of having a very good influence on the smoking habit. Since water does not need to be removed from the dip tube in advance, the tightening process as well as the pleasant draught that it produces begin instantaneously. Also, this feature is only offered by Steamulation as of right now, and it is not included in any other hookah now available on the market.

X Markdown + (Brand New!)

The well-known X Blow Off is joined by a plate Blow Off in the Steamulation Pro X III. Both of these Blow Offs are available. Plate Blow Off may be enabled and deactivated by turning the Blow Off plate below the charcoal plate. This action is performed by turning the plate. In addition to the tried-and-true X Blow Off featured on its forerunner, the Steamulation Pro X III now includes a total of 31 unique Blow Off settings. Pick your preferred option!

Adapter for Cooling Control (Brand New!)

The Cooling Control Adapter is a new add-on that's optional. This reroutes some of the air that was blown off back into the higher section of the smoke column, where it goes to the tobacco head. Because of this, the tobacco head may be cooled in a manner that is more focused. The volume of air that is released may be changed, and the fan can either be turned off temporarily or left on permanently. The Cooling Control Adapter just has to be put between the base and the smoke column in order to work, and it is compatible with all X Blow Offs as well as sleeves. (Note: When the Cooling System is installed, there is a minor increase in the blow-off pressure. This results in the overpressure function responding sooner than normal. In the event that this is not something that is wanted, the overpressure function may be turned off at the smoke ports that are not being utilized by shutting the AirFlow Control.

Control of the Steamulation AirFlow (Now Optimized!)

Users of the Steamulation Pro X III have the ability to independently tailor the flow at each hose connection using the Steamulation Airflow Control in accordance with their preferences, choosing between a conventional and a contemporary aesthetic. When compared to its predecessor, this model features an increased maximum draw as well as hose connectors that have been modified to ensure that any collected moisture is sent directly into the base. In addition to this, it is now possible to entirely seal up the ports in order to disable the overpressure feature.

The Control of the Steamulation Dip Tube (Optimized!)

You may further tailor the draw and tightness of your Pro X with the help of the new Dip Tube Control, which gives you the ability to modify the length of the dip tube in 10 distinct increments.

Adapter for the Grip Head (Optimized)

The Steamulation Pro X III now comes equipped with a grip head adapter that has been grooved to provide the highest possible level of grip on your seal. Optimization even minor detail!

Merk Steamulation
Herkomst Duitsland
Productie Machinaal
Diffuser Regelbaar
Sluiting 360 Steam-click
Rookkamer Universeel
Kwaliteit Premium (A+)
Type Vaas Kristal
Wordt geleverd Zonder slang en zonder kopje
Kleur Zwart, Matt
Max. aantal slangen 1 slang, 2 slangen, 3 slangen, 4 slangen
Lengte n.v.t.
Formaat Medium (46cm - 68cm)
Model Modern
Gewicht stang (Gram) Onbekend
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