Steamulation Pro X Prime 2 - Crystal

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The Steamulation Pro X Prime is the most popular single-hose Hookah model that the company has ever produced.

Now comes the successor in the second generation, which comes with brand new features and functions that are completely unique.

Pro X Prime (Gen.II) Hookah and a V2A Hose adaptor are included in the scope of delivery.

When it comes to matching, we strongly suggest that you place an order for the cutting-edge and well-known X-Blow Off System for the Pro X Prime (Gen.II).

The Steamulation Pro X Prime (Generation II) is already ready for everything the future has in store! Steamulation is always researching and developing cutting-edge new technologies and putting a premium on compatibility. In 2022, further Steamulation technologies and accessories will be made available, and the Pro X Prime (Gen.II) has been planned to be compatible with all of these additions. Therefore, in the future, you will be able to update your Pro X Prime and add even more capabilities!

Steamification SteamClick 360 Steamulation
Within the realm of Steamulation, the Steamulation Pro X Prime is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most premium model that includes a hose connection. The SteamClick 360 closing system is standard on all Steamulation models in the Pro X series, including the Pro X Prime, which is also equipped with this technology. This cutting-edge and incredibly comfortable hookah closure device is also the quickest hookah closure system in the whole globe.

High-Flow Steaming Steamulation System
The Steamulation Pro X Prime is made using a new production method, and as a result, it has a maximum draw that is approximately 25% greater than the model it replaces. Concurrently, the Steamulation Airflow Control's adjustment range has been expanded to accommodate the new settings.

Control of the Steamulation's AirFlow
The user of the Pro X Prime has the ability to change the draw to either a conventional or a modern style depending on their preference, thanks to the Steamulation Airflow Control. When compared to the model that came before it, this one has a significantly higher maximum draft, and the hose connectors have been modified so that they drain moisture.

Control for the Steamulation Dip Tube
In addition to the huge Shisha Steamulation Pro X with four hoses, the Pro X Prime now has the Dip Tube Control as one of its features. Users now have the ability to choose the length of the dip tube on their own thanks to the new Dip Tube Control. In order to accomplish this particular goal, they have a 9-step modification option available to them. It is possible to further individualize both the draft and the suit of the Pro X by either shortening or extending one of the two. Because of this, the smoking experience may be customized in a way that is not possible with any other hookah. Turning the dip tube enables smoking with or without a diffuser according on preference.

Compatibility between Steamulation and X-Blow Off
It is possible to use the Steamulation Pro X Prime with the most recent generation of Steamulation Blow Off devices. The technology known as the Steamulation X Blow Off! This method is the only one of its kind in the world since it enables you to change the blast off while smoking without converting. To say the least, interesting! Using this technology, one may choose from one of fifteen various blast off combinations!

Compatibility between Steamulation and Blow Off
The Steamulation Pro X Prime is not only compatible with the X Blow Off, but it is also compatible with the prior blow off adapters that were available for the Pro X, allowing for a total of five other types of blow offs.

Compatibility between the Steamulation Cooling Diffuser and
Both the Steamulation Pro X Prime and the Steamulation Cooling Diffuser are compatible with one another. The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser is one of the most forward-thinking accessories that Steamulation offers. It combines, in a very compact form, a number of features that improve and maximize the experience of smoking shisha in a way that is distinctive.

Merk Steamulation
Herkomst Duitsland
Productie Machinaal
Diffuser Regelbaar
Sluiting 360 Steam-click
Rookkamer Universeel
Kwaliteit Premium (A+)
Type Vaas Kristal
Wordt geleverd Zonder slang en zonder kopje
Kleur Transparant, Wit, Zilver
Max. aantal slangen 1 slang
Lengte 47
Formaat Medium (46cm - 68cm)
Model Modern
Gewicht stang (Gram) Onbekend
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