Steamulation - Ultimate One - Blue Glanz Metallic

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Enhance your shisha experience with Steamulation's Ultimate One-Hose shisha

Experience the mesmerizing flow of your Steamulation one-hose shisha like never before, allowing you to tailor your smoking experience precisely to your preferences. Our innovative features set the Ultimate One apart from the rest.

Thread adapter for gastronomic excellence

Crafted to meet the high standards of gastronomy, our thread adapter offers you enhanced flexibility by providing an optional fixed connection between the plate and smoke column, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience. (Included in the scope of delivery)

Customized Airflow Control

Your smoking experience is as unique as you are, and now you can customize it to perfection. Our advanced AirFlow Control allows you to adjust the draught resistance, ranging from a gentle draw to a traditionally strong pull, delivering a personalized shisha experience that suits your taste.

Dual connection system for unmatched freedom

The Ultimate One boasts a groundbreaking Dual Connection System, making it the first one-hose shisha to offer exciting combinations that cater to your preferences. With the included Xpansion Kit, switching between SteamClick and Xpansion mode is a breeze, and it doesn't require additional adapters. Compatible with plug bowls ranging from 44.5mm to 47.0mm.

Advanced Diffusor for an unforgettable smoke

Experience the ultimate Steamulation smoke sensation with our Advanced Diffusor. Featuring an integrated float ball, it prevents accidental flooding of your head or hose when exhaling. Plus, it reduces resistance during your pulls. The new, more compact Advanced Diffusor (31mm diameter) fits even narrow bowls.

Dip Tube control for personalized water levels

Easily adjust the dip tube of your Ultimate One to your preferred water level or bowl height. By tweaking tube length and water level, you can fine-tune your shisha's smoking behavior. Remember, the deeper the dip tube, the stronger the pull-through resistance.

Cooling control compatibility for pure taste

Bid farewell to burnt tobacco and savor the purest taste with our Cooling Control Adapter. Conveniently regulate head cooling while smoking to ensure an enjoyable session. (Optional accessory – not included)

Stay cool with the cooling diffusor

Keep your cool with our stylish Cooling Diffusor. Housed in a premium real carbon casing, it combines cutting-edge cooling technology with 4 purge valves, a 10-stage adjustable dip tube, a self-cleaning diffusor with 16 air nozzles, a molasses catcher, and a flood-preventing valve. The Cooling Diffuser replaces the regular dip tube of your Ultimate One. (Optional accessory – not included)

Personalize your experience with X Blow off+

Explore a world of 31 different blow-off variants, intuitively adjustable while smoking. Choose your favorite sleeve color and make your Ultimate One uniquely yours.

Elevate your shisha experience to new heights with Steamulation's Ultimate One-Hose Shisha. Customize every aspect of your session, from airflow to cooling, and savor the pure taste of your favorite blends. Discover the ultimate in shisha innovation today.

Merk Steamulation
Herkomst Duitsland
Productie Machinaal
Diffuser Regelbaar
Sluiting 360 Steam-click
Rookkamer Modern
Kwaliteit Premium (A+)
Type Vaas Glas (Extra dik)
Wordt geleverd Zonder slang en zonder kopje
Kleur Blauw, Zilver
Max. aantal slangen 1 slang
Lengte 53
Formaat Medium (46cm - 68cm)
Model Modern
Gewicht stang (Gram) Onbekend
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